Red Team / Pentesting

Stay one step ahead of attackers

We help you identify and score security vulnerabilities within your systems by using an offensive glance to them.

Know your risks

By simulating a real attack, we highlight your vulnerabilities and help you understand where resides your weaknesses in your infrastructure, and which data can be exfiltred our of it.

Reduce your attack surface

The reporting done after a penetration testing mission will help you pin point the issues to be resolved. By patching the vulnerabilities, you will lock malicious actors out of your network.

Dissuade threats from attacking you

A secure network gives a lot of work for attackers to successfuly get inside. Serious threats work like a business ; If the potential revenue is too low compared to the cost, they will simply move on to another target.

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Ollitec will accompany you in your cyber security journey and ensure that you will be as safe as possible.

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Tailored solutions to perfectly fit your needs

External Intrusion test

Using the latest automated exploit and attack tools, combined with manual information gathering and exploitation, we simulate the possibilities of an attacker external to your network abusing or intruding it.

Internal Intrusion Test

We help our clients discover, scan and map all devices on their network. We focus on the network and IT infrastructure, trying to expose configuration errors in the technical perimeter controls and potentially exploitable vulnerabilities. The goal is to list and protect all devices connected to the client's network.

Phishing Simulation

Our experts will try to trick your employees and/or external consultants into giving their credentials or install a malware on their computer. This simulation will let you quickly have an understanding on the maturity of your employees regarding security and phishing. This service ends with us delivering a report to you containing of the details about the phishing campaign.

Red Team

This service is our most complete. The goal of a red team is to continually attacking your corporation by any means in order to let you always have a step-in front of attackers. Our experts will use strategies such as external penetration testing, phishing, social engineering, physical penetration testing in order to get into your network, they will then try to hide their tracks and keep a secure access to your corporation network in order to further attack it, and exfiltrate information regarding your company and employees. The ultimate goal is to simulate advanced persistent threats that would target your corporation. By giving you a report of our findings and attacks on a regular basis, you will be able to continually and quickly react in order to always be extremely secured.