We're here to help achieving your goals

Data security is the key to success. By providing high quality data security, Ollitec enables you to make proactive decisions that move your business forward. Our core services are tailored to your goals and regulatory compliance needs.

Meet our leadership

  • Quentin Chalabi

    Co-founder - Technical Leader

    Experienced cyber security professional. Quentin always challenge himself to bring his customers the best solutions. He has a strong background in penetration testing and digital forensics / incident response.

  • Gauthier Elouga

    Co-founder - Sales Leader

    Gauthier is a customer-focused business professional with 5+ years in B2B Sales, Customer Success and Team Management. His experience is in Business with a dedication to customers and a natural leadership with teams.

  • Anne Favre


    Qualified and experienced Finance business partner and manager with comprehensive skillset in financial management, analysis and process excellence. Motivated by delivering quality and driving business performance through positive, collaborative engagement and leadership, interacting with internal and external customers at all levels.

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