Network and Systems hardening

Lock down your network & systems

100% Security doesn’t exist. It’s the ultimate goal that every corporation should try to reach, but there’s always an unknown variable in the equation which we should always try to minimize.

Our network and systems hardening service directly impact this variable. Ollitec has the expertise to lock down your corporation network in order to greatly increase its security. This will mitigate, and also increase the complexity for an attacker to penetrate into your IT systems, and advance further into the network.

Securite systeme reseaux serveurs

Let us protect your asset, focus on your business

By analysing, securing and maintaining your assets from workstation to firewalls and routers, we will ensure that your infrastructure is as secure as possible. On your side, you can rest assured that your assets are safe, and therefore can dedicate your time to your business

A rock solid approach


In order to lock down your infrastructure, we will start by identifying your assets, and its use.


Once your process and assets are analysed, we will lock them down on the operating system, application and network level.

Stay Safe

To ensure that you stay secured, we will provide a continuous maintenance and reporting on your systems for them to always have the best level of security.

Ready to get started?

Ollitec will accompany you in your cyber security journey and ensure that you will be as safe as possible